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By now most of you have heard about our “pickin room”.  It’s a room in my basement where we store all of the items and furniture that we plan on resurrecting.  This room can go from bursting at the seams to half empty.  We are actually at the half empty phase.  But that may only be the case because my garage has turned into pickin room #2! :)

With the room in my basement half empty, I was able to spot a baby crib spring we had in stock and it looked like this…

crib spring

The spring came with a wooden baby crib (we’ll be using the wooden crib on another project of course).  I was ready to throw away the spring when Karen stopped me.  “Throw away”….What was I thinking??

Karen and I share pins on Pinterest.  At least once a week :)  One day she sent me a pin of a baby crib spring that was converted into a wall organizer. It’s a different version of a ribbon board or cork board.  It actually stores and organizes more, so it’ s better!  This gave me a general idea of what I wanted to do with the crib spring.  But I didn’t have any of the accessories.

On a recent trip to Target, I was perusing the dollar section and they had such a cute selection of peach, mint green and natural wood accessories.  I’m really a fan of the mint green color right now.  I filled up my cart with a variety of these dollar items (a few were $3 each, but still worth it).

I went home and laid the spring on the floor and came up with a general layout

 crib spring wall organizer layout

And then the little projects began.  I started with this small stack of scrapbook paper that came bundled in a $1 package.

crib spring wall organizer decorative paper

I used one sheet of paper to create a back drop for this little wood crate.  I cut the paper to fit the back and attached the paper with some Mod Podge.

crib spring wall organizer paper to decoupage

I knew I wanted to rest this cute little cork topped bottle in the crate. But since it’s glass I felt that it should be secured, so i just cut a small strip of velcro and attached it to the crate and bottle.  Now the glass bottle is safe and stays in place, unless you want to pull it away from the velcro :)

crib spring wall organizer velcro bottle

I bought some coordinating washi tape.  Peach and white polka dots and gold and white diagonal stripes!  I used the washi tape on a few of the projects.  I used the tape to decorate this cardboard box

crib spring wall organizer washi tape on box

I remembered I had some clothes pins left over from a baby shower gift, so I pulled those out of my craft stash and used both the washi tape and a little bit of the scrap book paper to decorate the clothes pins

crib spring wall organizer laundry pins

My pile of Target goodies included a set of  cute file folders but I didn’t have a holder for the files.  So I decided to use leftover burlap from the coffee bag I used on the burlap upholstered bench.   I used the file folders as a template to cut a piece of burlap.

crib spring wall organizer burlap holder

Then I stitched the burlap to create a pocket for the file folders.

crib spring wall organizer sew burlap

I used ribbon from my gift wrapping station and some more of the peach & white polka dot washi tape to decorate the burlap pocket.

crib spring wall organizer ribbon

I added decorative kraft labels to some of the items on the wall organizer including this little drawstring burlap bag

crib spring wall organizer decortive sticker labels

Next, I had to come up with a way to hang and secure all of these little organizers onto the crib spring.  So I decided to drill holes into each of the items.

crib spring wall  organizer drill holes

And then I used to plastic ties like these:

crib spring wall organizer plastic ties

The ties made it easy to secure each item to the springs…

crib spring wall organizer hang with ties

This project turned out to be a great way for me to use some old items along with some new items.   You can lean this up against a wall or you can hang it.  You could even rest it on top of a desk or other piece of furniture.

This wall organizer would function well in an office, craft room or girl’s bedroom.

crib spring wall organizer after2

This crib spring wall organizer includes the following:

  • Burlap bag with mint green ruler
  • 2 rolls of coordinating washi tape
  • one bottle with cork top (great for paper clips) with wooden crate holder

crib spring wall organizer right corner2

  • metal pail for pencils, markers, pens
  • 1 1/2 sheets of decorative labels
  • cardboard container with coordinating scrapbook paper

crib spring wall organizer left corner2

  • burlap pocket with three file folders
  • one sheet of tan & white cardboard letters
  • four decorated clothes pins
  • two packs of sticky notes
  • one plastic chevron accordion file folder

crib spring wall organizer bottle close up2

 Crib Spring Wall Organizer

crib spring wall organizer top angle cropped2

Our Crib Spring Wall Organizer Project is linked up here:

Tiny Sidekick


Happy Salvaging! -Kathy

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    • The Salvaged Boutique says:

      Hi Sarah, Thanks! I agree. It was the cute little items that made me stop in that section. Too cute to pass up. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  1. Barb says:

    Such a clever idea. I am stationery, paper loving gal and I love your choices of paper products for this project. I think it would work wonders too at a front entrance to store keys, mail and the like. Visiting via SITS Saturday Share Fest
    Barb recently posted…Easter basket of goodnessMy Profile

    • The Salvaged Boutique says:

      Hi Barb and thanks! Happy to have you here from SITS, that’s such a great site and resource. I like your front entrance idea, that would work really well too! :) -Kathy

    • The Salvaged Boutique says:

      Hi Michele and thanks! I agree…I almost painted the spring but really liked the look of it as-is so I decided against the paint :)

  2. Brenda Young says:

    I have been scouring the thrift shops for one of these for a while now….. Love the application and all the adorable details! Oh and congrats for your feature over on Interior Frugalista for this great project, I love it!

    • The Salvaged Boutique says:

      Hi Brenda and thank you! I see we are vintage/salvage soul sisters :) Following you on Instagram now.

    • The Salvaged Boutique says:

      Thanks, Corey! I’m glad I received your notification on Google+. We are happy to share our ideas and projects! Thanks for giving us that chance :) I love all of this week’s party features. The beaded cage light and spring mantel….AWESOME.

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